Jemi GS-102 M Passthrough Dishwasher

The GS-102 M  is a high performance twin rack pass through Dishwasher.

It has the combined performance of two GS-83 dishwashers in one unit with the added flexibility of being able to use one half of the machine during quieter periods.1 or 2 minute wash and rinse cycle with an output of up to 1920 Plates  per hour.

Powerful ‘fixed wash system’ with our unique pull up quick release wash arms, fully welded pressed wash tanks with stainless steel strainers.

Stainless steel upper and lower rotating rinse system for complete coverage,

Robust hood with safety system and auto start

Easy to operate controls

Constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel

Water consumption of 2.3 litres per cycle.

Clear analogue wash and rinse  thermometers.


Dimensions (mm): 1410 x 850 x 1440

Without handle / Open (mm): 1316 x 760 x 1900

Usable height 400mm

Dimensions of rack (mm): 500 x 500

Wash cycle (min): 1-2

Output/hour: 1280 – 1920 plates

Total power (Kw): 15 – 21

Boiler heating element (Kw): 2×6 o (2×9)

Tank heating element (Kw): 2×6

Wash pump power (Kw): 2×1,5

Voltage: 230 – 400 V / III / 50 – 60 Hz

Key features

Manually raised hood which allows for more space for loading dishes

Made of stainless-steel

Simple wall

Easy operation and maintenance

Minimum consumption of energy and water

Fixed washing system

Fixed washing arms to give coverage of all of the glasses/plates all of the time

Sanitising rinse system

Rounded corners for easy end of the day cleaning.

Double filter in tank


Double door

Double construction wall

Pressed tank

Bayonet washing arm

Rounded corner tank

Double filter in tank

Detergent inlet inside tank

Optional extras

Drainage pump

Back panel

Peristaltic detergent pump

Special voltage

Corner arrangement

Single phase

9000W heating element

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