Jemi C-7670-TT ECO Conveyorband Washer

A powerful and durable machine, the C-7670-TT ECO is designed for use in very high volume facilities (hospitals, schools, restaurants).

It maintains the simplicity of smaller machines, yet delivers at a much more astounding rate, so it is able to manage the day-to-day rigors of a high volume facility.

Every inch of its design is tailored to its efficient use.

Output – This model has 2 speeds.

This model processes: 3250-5000 plates per hour.


External dimensions (mm): 7670 x 830 x 1715

Usable height (mm): 450

Entrance module (mm): 1020

Useful exit (mm): 1250

Production plates per hour: 3250 – 5000

Speeds: 2

Pre-wash pump power (Kw): 2

Wash pump power (Kw): 2+2+2

ECO rinse pump power (Kw): 0,074

Tank heating element (Kw): 30

Boiler heating element (Kw): 24

ECO rinse heating element (Kw): 6

Dryer heating element (Kw): 18

Total power (Kw): 75

Voltage: 230 – 400 V / III / 50 – 60 Hz

Key features

Pre-wash + Post pre-wash rinse + Triple wash + Double rinse + Enhanced eco-rinse + Double dry

Heavy-duty robust construction

High grade 18/1 stainless steel finish


Double back wall

Stainless-steel construction in 18/10 inox (1.5mm thickness)

Control panel at top part of unit

Security microswitch on doors

Energy economiser

Detergent and rinse dispensers included

Water filtration and water softening units

Optional extras

Additional 12kW boiler

6.18kW hot-air drying module

12.18kW hot-air drying module

Steam heating

Special voltages

Double-walled insulation

Stainless-steel wash distributor

Pair of side wash arms

Stainless-steel wash arms

Additional 880mm module

Additional 620mm module

Split machine

Modifications to the width and usable height of the machine

Peristaltic detergent pump

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