Jemi A-2460-T Rack Conveyor Washer

A powerful and durable machine, the A-2460-T is designed for use in high volume establishments (schools, restaurants, bars). This machine characteristically endows a simple usage design, with a fast and efficient output rate. Output – This model has 2 speeds. This model processes: 1360-2720 plates per hour (85-170 racks p/h; 16 plates per rack)

A-2460-T Rack Conveyor Washer

Key Features

  • Wash and double rinse
  • Heavy-duty robust construction
  • High grade 18/1 stainless steel finish

Optional Extras

  • Additional 12kW boiler
  • 6.18kW hot-air drying module
  • 12.18kW hot-air drying module
  • Steam heating
  • Special voltages
  • Double-walled insulation
  • Stainless-steel wash distributor
  • Pair of side wash arms
  • Stainless-steel wash arms
  • Additional 880mm module
  • Additional 620mm module
  • Split machine
  • Extension of central axis, machinery split for angled entrance
  • Steam condenser
  • Peristaltic detergent pump
A-2460-T Rack Conveyor Washer Certificates

Technical Specifications


  • Length 2460mm
  • Depth 830mm
  • Height 1715mm
  • Usable height 450mm
  • Usable rack height: 400mm (dishes, isotherms or trays), and 350mm (containers)
  • Usable rack width 540mm

Power Consumption

  • Wash pump power 2kW
  • Tank heating element 18kW
  • Boiler heating element 24kW
  • Pre-wash pump power 2kW
  • Dryer 6kW
  • Total power 53kW
  • Speeds 2


  • Double back wall
  • Stainless-steel construction in 18/10 inox
  • Pressed tank with no welding
  • Control panel and electric panel at top part
  • Guillotine door with safety microswitch
  • Energy saver
  • Detergent dosing systems
  • Water filtration and water softening units
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