Installation of Jemi GS-102 Twin Rack Dishwasher at Malmaison Hotel Newcastle


Jemi were approached by the Hotel looking for a solution to ongoing problems they were having with ther Hobart Rack Machine, the repair costs as a result of  re occurring breakdowns were spiralling out of control and the down time due to breakdowns was affecting on the kitchen operations.


Although being very powerful a single Jemi GS83M hood machine was not going to be big enough, and another Rack Machine would, because of the size and exhaust vents not fit directly below the existing extraction system, with these extra requirements the replacement cost was increasing beyond the budget.


This Jemi GS-102 Twin Hood Dishwasher is the perfect solution, it has a capacity of 2 racks at one time, 2 cycle options of 1 & 2 minute plus the option of an automatic hood system, the power consumption is less than half of a rack Conveyor and the steam and heat generated is minimal.


The auto hood system means that the KP only presses the elevation button once, the hood lowers and only lifts automatically when the complete cycle has finished, this prevents operatives from lifting then hood before the rinse cycle has completed and before the plates have been fully sanitised.  The machine also has the option of right or left tank only being used during quieter periods.


The GS-102 has the flexibility to just use one tank (in effect a single hood machine) or to wash 2 racks in one minute during peak times.


For more information about the GS-102 call our sales department on 0113 263 1010

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